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People are Talking about VinE

We love hearing how students have benefitted from the support of VinE volunteers. 

We encourage teachers, tutors, students, parents/guardians, and community members to share their stories!


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A 2nd Grade teacher

"The kids enjoy the one-on-one time. It helps get them excited about reading. With the volunteer we can have more time for hands-on projects that wouldn’t work before."

A 9 year old student

"Mrs. Jordan, you’ve changed me.  I used to hate math, now I love it."

Barb Etter, a volunteer

"My heart did a dance the other day when I walked into the classroom and the children all smiled and cheered."

[The volunteer] works one-on-one with a 10th grade student. The student looks forward to working with him. Before we had the volunteer, the student was failing – now he is getting a positive grade, and handing in his assignments.

A High School Science Teacher


We're always looking for new volunteers! Let's connect.


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